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Complex Castings

Because we have highly experienced engineers and designers on staff at Foothills, we are able to help concept, design and engineer the most complex cast parts on the market. We have been involved in some large scale industrial projects with very complex parts such as the Bonnet for a cone crusher, a curved fuel pipe for the Portland Port, numerous Swing stocks for Jaw Crushers and many more tricky cast part projects all of which need to meet specific standards and have a strict set of criteria to meet. Ask us to see if we can help you to manufacture the part you need to your exact specification

Case Study

Port of Portland

Client: Port of Portland Scope: To manufacture an elbow suitable for carrying fuel oil at the Port of Portland, Oregon. Material: to be manufactured from ASTM A148 Grade 105/85 – modified tool steel Inspections pipe must pass: Impact testing, UT, Chemistry, heat treatment charts
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Alex Fraser – Queensland Recycling

Alex Fraser provides recycled road base and aggregates for civil construction and infrastructure projects. Since 1985 they have been operating five state-of-the art production facilities, which have recycled over 35 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste into usable quali
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Simple Castings

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