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Foothills are certified “safe, efficient and effective” as we achieve our ISO9001 Certification and our COR Certification

We define our service by how safe and efficient we are. At Foothills we are always in search of continual improvements, so going through the certification process for ISO 9001 seemed like a logical step. In addition to formalizing industry leading repeatability, we are rewriting how a multi-national sales force can work simultaneously with our clients to provide a level of service and reliability that is at the cutting edge of our market.  

Another part of the process we identified as of utmost importance was our Safety practices and how we could upgrade them. With an industry leading safety record already in place, we have now gone through the Certificate of Registration (COR) for Safety.

Our employees and manufacturing practises are important to us; they are the lifeblood of our operation. With our COR certified facility, along with a newly obtained ISO 9001 certification, we are set to provide industry leading wear parts, manufactured and inspected to the highest international standards when it comes to reliability, repeatability and safety.  

With over 70 years of manufacturing experience FSF has once again raised the bar. Here’s to many more years of Foothills manufacturing the highest quality parts for multiple industries using only the safest and cost efficient practices unsurpassed anywhere in the industry. 

Globally recognised as a leader in the manufacture and supply of castings and fabrications that are unsurpassed in quality and integrity.

Foothills Steel Foundry has the capability to design and engineer quality cast steel wear parts as well as a variety of martensitic high chrome white iron products for the mining industry on a global scale. 

Quality is a massive part of our process, it’s our end game. We only deliver parts that we know have integrity. Because we start with the end in mind we are now known as a global leader for some of the best wear parts in the world. It’s a big claim but one we are prepared to back. 

With our recent ISO certification we can prove it too. Over the years our capability has increased year on year. The size of our operations has increased and our workforce has increased. As a proud Canadian Foundry with a long heritage and big plans we look forward to what the future holds. 

Our aim is to offer the market alternative and more reliable solutions to OEM parts and to ensure that any forced downtime experienced by our clients is minimised through the creation of quality parts that not only last longer and are supplied on time, but also at a reduced cost. Proprietary Alloys, linear delivery solutions and our global supply chain helps us to achieve this.

Talk to us about your next order of wear parts of custom cast solutions.

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Our evolution from simple, small castings and forgings into global large scale high performance castings and fabrications

Over our 74 year history we have evolved from a small ironworks factory into a multi faceted, quality managed foundry who supplies to the entire globe. We have customers in Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and New Zealand. It’s not bad for a small family foundry that started on the shores of the Bow River in 1913.

The secret to our success lies solely with our people. Without the experience of our incredibly talented team we would not be where we are today. Over the years we have had some visionary leaders at the helm, today we embrace this quality and strive to meet and surpass their expectations. 

These days we don’t just manufacture small castings and forgings. We get involved in large scale plant & equipment parts, we engineer solutions for problems thought unsolvable. Because we have such a broad knowledge and deep experience, we are asked to find answers to problems that seem to stop the industry in its tracks. As engineers and thinkers from a foundry perspective and because we understand the mining, crushing and quarrying industry so intrinsically we are constantly consulting to the major players to help them find workarounds. 

Our evolution as thought leaders from an industrial perspective is something we are very proud of. It forms part of our quality management process and it is why our customer service is deemed “unsurpassable”. 

If you have a curly problem that you cannot work out – talk to us, chances are we’ve got the capacity and capability to solve it for you. 

Why do our wear parts outlast the competition?

Maybe it’s something to do with the metallurgists we have on staff, or the 74 years of hands-on experience, combined with our ability to create a consistent heat chemistry with just the right amount of manganese. Or the countless other controlled and repeatable processes implemented throughout our Quality Management System. Foothills wear parts just last longer. 

Let’s talk about our metals.

It is not just a case of pouring molten metal into a pattern and letting it cool, there is an art and a science to being a world leading steel casting supplier. 

Manganese alloys are extremely resilient, designed to work in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Products like cone and jaw liners can take a pounding before they become worn out.

The pathway to determining how much manganese, carbon and chrome to add to the steel is pure science developed over decades of trials. We put our metals through rigorous testing before we release a product to the market. 

Once molded into shape, our castings undergo extra hardening tests like explosion hardening,flame hardening, peening and induction hardening processes to increase wear life and reduce downtimes. We manage it all here at Foothills.

Manganese wear parts are sold in a number of common grades; 14% (standard Hadfield manganese), 18% and 21+% grades. 14% manganese has been used in crushing around the world for over 100 years and is a very reliable material suitable for all purposes.  14% manganese is supplied from the foundry with a hardness of approx 200 Brinel (HB), and when crushing rock with a high compressive strength (hard rock), will work harden to 450-500HB. Custom designed 18% and 21% grades are typically used in high abrasion applications, returning unsurpassed dollar-for -dollar wear life increases.

Our understanding of this and our sheer determination to continue to carry out R & D on our alloys and the strength of the end product defines Foothills Steel Foundry as a leader in our field and a renowned supplier of parts that last.

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