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Hard Rock Mining

Mining operations need to be constantly operational and downtime is not an option, we will work with you to ensure that is always the case. 

  • You want your equipment to work efficiently and productively 
  • You need wear parts that have an extended lifespan
  • You require accurate forecasts for turnaround maintenance schedules
  • You want a relationship with your wear part supplier to ensure just in time deliveries when required

That is us, this is what we live for. We are here to help, deliver quality product in quick lead times and ensure your operation is back up and running as fast as possible.


Mining Operations

Foothills has firm relationships with operators around the globe, in various mediums of mining operations. We understand the scope of your operation, the scale of your projects and how hard it is when pitstops are unplanned. 

Shovel Componentry

  • GET
  • Rope Shovel Crowd Rack

Blast Drill Rack and Pinions

Pipe Spooling

CCO Plate