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Martensitic High Chrome White Iron (HCWI)

Proprietary 850 BHN High Chrome White Iron engineered to replace typical high chrome castings

From pipe spool inserts to cyclone components, our team of highly experienced engineers and metallurgists combined with our skilled labour team will create your high spec high chrome parts to keep your operation functioning at all times. 


With our advanced technology on site, which includes pipe spool insert overlay equipment, plate rollers and 5 axis milling centers we have the tools to craft your parts. 


We have a casting capacity up to 9,000kg finished weight, and a volume exceeding 500,000kg per month.

We also have machining, finishing and assembly facilities in-house, allowing us to heat treat, machine and assemble more complex cast parts, including P&H shovel gear racking, bonnets, coneheads and crusher mainframe components, and entire crushers.

20,000 square foot facility

30 Acres of land

Easy access off Stony Trail and 114 Ave SE Calgary

Our Services

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality, proprietary High Chrome White Iron (HCWI) Castings for use in mining, quarrying and slurry operations

  • Centrifigually cast pipe spool inserts up to 850 BHN
  • Cast HCWI inserts
  • Leading edge Ultrasonic wear monitoring
  • Cyclone components
  • Proprietary Bi-metallic castings
  • Horizontal Shaft Impactors
  • Vertical Shaft Impactors
  • Mixer Arms
  • Chute Liners
  • Mill Liners
  • Custom Castings




  • 24-29% Chromium addition
  • 2.5-3.5% Carbon
  • Custom anneal (stress relief)
  • Custom Tempering cycle
  • BHN range as high as 850BHN while still exhibiting good impact resistance
  • Machinable without inserts, including the ability to thread castings

White Iron Rotor Assembly

Reverse engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications in float cell applications

OEM design of a steel rotor used in a float cell, coated in neoprene. Average life approx. 6 months

Float Cell

Float Cell assembly converted to high chrome, replacing all neoprene. Expected life of 2-4 years, currently passing the 6 month mark.

Internal rotor was machined, threaded, and dynamically balanced without the use of mild steel inserts.

Walls and floors outfitted with Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plate

White Iron Pipe Spool Insert

24” ID pipe spool, where the first 36” of neoprene was removed and replaced with an 800BHN cast HCWI insert. 

Projected to outwear current vendor by approximately 20% 

Supplied at a cost LOWER than leading competition